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Welcome to Weeks Medical Center

Our caring and compassionate staff is committed to providing the highest quality and efficient health care services to the communities of New Hampshire’s North Country. Our main hospital is located in Lancaster and we operate satellite physicians offices in the towns of Whitefield, Groveton, North Stratford and Lancaster.

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Open House Set for April 10

Dr. Albert patient copy Weeks Medical Center will hold its 2015 open house and annual meeting on Friday, April 10, from 5 to 7 pm at the hospital. The theme of this year’s event is the Use of Technology to Deliver Personalized and Specialized Care Locally. 

The open house will features demonstrations of how telemedicine services work and how they improve the quality of care and provide for better outcomes to patients.

Telemedicine uses technology to connect medical providers and patients at rural hospitals such as Weeks with specialists at larger institutions such as DHMC. Video teleconference and special monitors allow doctors to monitor a patient’s vital signs and provide a thorough examination from afar. Telemedicine provides for more timely care, reduces costs, and saves patients valuable travel time.

The open house will take place in the Weeks Medical Center cafeteria at 173 Middle Street, Lancaster, NH. This is a free event and open to all interested members of the community. Light refreshments will be provided.

For questions and to RSVP, please contact Kathy St. Onge at 603-788-5026. Failing to RSVP should not discourage anyone from attending the open house.

Patient Favorite Award Presented at Weeks

Employee Rec. by pts. 2015 010Weeks Medical Center presented its 2015 Certificate of Excellence in Patient Satisfaction award to registered nurse Linda Reichert during the Heart of Weeks celebration held on February 19, 2015.

 The Certificate of Excellence award is presented yearly to a Weeks staff member who exemplifies the highest standard of customer service. The award is determined by the number of positive comments a staff member receives from patients throughout the past year on satisfaction surveys. Reichert received 121 positive accolades from patients during 2014.  Reichert works in the same day surgery at Weeks. 

Linda is a perfectionist and takes her time with her patients,” says Nursing Manager Denise Brisson. “Patients frequently comment on how much Linda relieves their anticipation and fears and makes them and their family comfortable. Linda is very conscientious, and her main focus is always her patient. She is so deserving of this award.”

 Dr. Medric LeBlanc, an emergency department physician, presented Reichert with her award in a symbolic “passing of the torch.” Dr. LeBlanc was the recipient of the Certificate of Excellence award in both 2014 and 2013. The torch was custom-made for the ceremony by volunteer services assistant Michelle Brault. 

 More than 160 Weeks Medical Center staff members were recognized with positive feedback from patients during 2014. Five staff members each received more than 50 positive comments. The five staff members include Reichert, registered nurse Denise Thibeault, lab assistant Richard Cotter, nurse practitioner Christopher Laurent, and patient financial counselor Becky St. Cyr.  

Weeks Provides 'Exquisite Care'

Orthopedics at Weeks Medical CenterWant proof that Weeks Medical Center provides healthcare the way it should be? Ken Mills, a Weeks orthopedic patient, was so pleased with his care that he sent a letter to the editor of the Coos County Democrat. The following appeared in the February 11, 2015, edition of the newspaper.  

To the Editor: After just having my right knee replaced Jan. 28, I did not want to hesitate to share what a truly wonderful experience I had at Weeks Medical Center.

From the pre-operative insurance gauntlet we all negotiate at some level to discharge from the hospital, my experience should serve as an example that if medical need ever arises in a person’s life ‘above the notches’; they are in good hands with Weeks Medical Center.

Between scheduling issues with work, to simple logistics of getting prerequisites accomplished, the orthopedic and lab departments went above and beyond to ensure that upon surgery day, I was able to go in for the procedure with complete peace of mind.

While in the hospital for four days, the nursing staff were so impressive with their consistent attention to detail and willingness to expand explanations when needed to ensure my full comprehension of all the what, how, and why of any action or actions taken in my recovery.

I was not on any restrictions to my diet, but the cafeteria staff does an excellent job of coordinating the meals. On a couple of occasions, I failed to fill out the menu completely. When I inquired as to the staff’s flexibility in modifying a requested menu item, the response was “no problem, anything you want.” In addition to this great level of service satisfaction, the food is really good!

It is important to acknowledge when an organization consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty. I am confident my experiences are not a ‘one-off’ event, but rather demonstrate the consistent, excellent quality of care a person can expect should a medical need ever arise in their lives.

With Weeks Medical Center, you will receive exquisite care!

Ken Mills, Twin Mountain

Weeks Medical provides comprehensive orthopedic care and personalized treatment. For more information or to make an appointment, contact the orthopedics team at 603-788-5260. To meet the team, click here.

A Better Way to Heal...New State-of-the-Art Wound Care Center.

wound care centerWeeks Medical Center's new Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine Center opened in April and is staffed by specially trained medical experts using the latest wound care methods, dressings, and technologies for the treatment of chronic wounds. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, one of the most advanced therapies in the treatment of problem wounds, will be one of the featured technologies at the new Center. Learn More.

To contact the new Wound Care Center call: 603-788-5625.

Putting You in Control of Your Healthcare

New Patient Portal & Healow App Improves Quality of Care

 healowapp appstore playstore

Accessing your healthcare information has never been easier thanks to the Weeks patient portal and new healow app. The portal and the app are designed to give you 24-hour access to all your healthcare information in a safe, easy-to-use online environment.

The portal and app put you in control of your healthcare. You can view information such as recent doctor visits, discharge summaries, immunizations, allergies, and lab results.

An exciting new aspect of the portal is the new healow app for smartphones and tablets. The free app allows you to access all your healthcare information from anywhere. You can also link multiple accounts if you manage the information of family members. The app lets you manage your medications, communicate with your doctor, and view lab results. It can also remind you about appointments, help you renew prescriptions, and let’s you record health information.

To sign up for the patient portal, click here. Then download the free healow app from the App Store or Google Play.